Classic Cars

At Duluth International Auto Service, we understand your love for your classic car. The beautiful timeless design that can no longer be found in newer cars, and the driving experience that has you feeling a part of the car. It is no secret that the upkeep on a classic car is much more taxing and frequent than that of a newer car. As a classic car owner, why would you take your classic car to a dealership which is focused on modern vehicles? Allow us to upkeep your classic masterpiece with white glove auto service and repair that is unbeatable. 

Quality Diagnostics

Obviously the routine maintenance on a new car is easy. Classic cars, however, require significantly more skill and mastery to help them operate at their maximum potential. At Duluth International Auto Service, our goal is to diagnose your classic car to keep it as part of your driving experience. We’ve operated on almost every brand in the world, including but not limited to classic roadsters, to luxury Europeans, to American muscle. No matter the make, model, or year of your classic car, we can help it run like new again.


The value of classic cars is on average appreciating, not depreciating. Although these cars are quite enjoyable, they are also sound investments which must be properly cared for. We understand this aspect to owning a classic, and is exactly what our team’s maintenance services are about. 

If your classic car requires more significant care, our technicians and mechanics are able to diagnose your problem quickly and get you back behind the wheel before you know it.